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Shortly, discrimination is when someone gets an unfair treatment compared to someone else in a similar situation.

Living a life free from discrimination is a human right. Discrimination is a crime in Sweden. Many unfair situations are not discrimination according to the law.

People often ask us how we can help them. Below are some frequent questions and answers.

Who do you help?

We offer legal advice on discrimination to individuals for free. Also, we provide advice to for instance organizations, employers and schools. We cover most of the Västra Götaland region. Are you an employee and have questions about discrimination in the work place? If you are member in a trade union, turn to the union in the first place.

What kind of help do you offer?

If you feel that you get an unjust treatment, you can contact us. It costs you nothing. We can give advice and can investigate suspected violations of the Discrimination Act. Many unfair situations are not discrimination under the law.

We cannot provide legal help in other areas of law. If we assess that the Discrimination Act is applicable, we try to refer you further.

How do you handle cases?

When someone reports discrimination to us, we can investigate the report as a case with us. An investigation means that we collect information and evidence.

When the investigation is ready we can take a legal position in a case. If we judge it to be a violation of the Discrimination Act, we act as representative for the person who reported it.

Next, we try to find solutions based on what the notifier wants and which possibilities there are. It can be an apology, educational efforts, financial compensation or a court process.

How do I report an incident?

It is very important to file a report as soon as possible. Any legal action has to be complete before the short limitations periods in the Swedish Discrimination Act has expired.

When Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Väst investigates a case, we work close with the client. Our lawyers have limited resources to gather evidence and other data. So when you file a report, you need by yourself to submit the evidence you want us to look at. Letters, e-mails, text messages, official decisions, photographs, audio files, videos. Name of witnesses is also important.

You can contact us in different ways.
Email: radgivning@adbvast.se
Phone: +46 (0)73-856 44 00
Form under Report discrimination

How long does an investigation take?

Investigations tend to take a while. If you report an incident, you will need to cooperate close with the lawyer working on your case. It is hard to say exactly how long things will take. An investigation can take anything from several months up to a year, depending on the case.

Can I drop by your office unannounced?

No, you need to contact us and set up a meeting with one of our lawyers.

What is structural discrimination?

A common definition is that groups in society has discriminatory living conditions. These can be laws, rules, norms and prejudice.Socio-economy is also a structural factor. Opportunities to get a job can be poorer and access to health care harder.

I didn’t know Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Väst existed. Why don’t you advertise your services?

As a non-profit organization we have limited resources to reach out to the 34 municipalities in our catchment area. Besides the website, we are active on social media. We update news in the human rights area and about our activities. Part of our work is to influence those in power. They have an obligation to make fair decisions that doesn’t discriminate any groups in the population. Our advocacy work is both national and local.

Sign language

At www.do.se, there is general information about discrimination in sign language.
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